Today’s business context is marked by an unprecedented pace of change and increasingly fuzzy boundaries. This environment not only requires a different set of skills than in years past, it also means emerging leaders have to be able to grow, develop, and adopt new skills more quickly in order to continue contributing to your organization’s health and success.

Performance Insight designs, develops, and delivers Leadership Development Programs that address these challenges. Through the resolution of real-time organizational business challenges and the introduction of carefully selected leadership topics, these feedback-intensive programs allow participants to practice important leadership skills in a low-risk setting while simultaneously networking with other leaders across the organization. This network also serves as an important source of support that increases the likelihood of continued use and development of new skills on the job. Participants leave the program with concrete Action Plans around selected objectives strategically linked with individual, team, and organizational needs. These programs are also valuable mechanisms for communicating and reinforcing the organization’s culture, vision, and strategies, fostering engagement and alignment.

Programs are often structured in a series of two-day sessions with “pre-work” and “post-work” action learning assignments and one-on-one follow-up coaching sessions built in to maintain momentum and cultivate transfer of training. Popular leadership topics include: Leading During Times of Change, Coaching and Feedback for Results, Active Listening, Social Adaptability, Collaborative Problem Solving, Conflict Management, Self-Awareness, Effective Delegation, Executive Presentation Skills,  These comprehensive programs cut across several months and often include individual-level assessment and coaching.