There is ample and increasing evidence that the time and money invested in executive coaching pays big dividends for both individuals and organizations. Coaching is an invaluable development tool, whether you have a leader/manager with a few rough edges to smooth out or blind spots to gain insight into in order to improve his or her impact, or whether you have a select group of “high potentials” you want to advance, retain, and engage.

Our ICF-certified coaches forge a collaborative partnership aimed at enabling a person to articulate, shape, and achieve desired goals. A coach and a committed client will connect at the level of beliefs, values, and a vision for the future in order to achieve alignment and a new level of performance and growth. Coaches leverage their extensive knowledge and expertise to help clients gain insight, strengthen specific skills, and expand their capacity to achieve results.

There are numerous areas which may benefit from executive coaching, such as:

  • Transitioning into a new position or role
  • Clarifying and aligning vision, mission, values, and strategy
  • Seeking and integrating feedback from others to improve your intra-, inter-, team-, and business-leadership skills
  • Developing greater emotional or social awareness and adaptability
  • Cultivating personal versus position power
  • Honing effective communication skills (e.g., active listening, verbal presentation skills)
  • Identifying and building key relationships
  • Aligning your efforts and priorities to achieve balance