Researchers, business consultants, and organizational leaders alike are working hard to understand and leverage the concept of employee engagement, and for good reason. Engaged employees go beyond norms or job expectations, are proactive and take personal initiative to get things done, expand their role or duties in response to a team or organizational goal, help others freely and without prompting, demonstrate high levels of energy, persist in pursuit of goals, and perform their work conscientiously. Organizations with a more engaged workforce show greater productivity, better customer service and satisfaction, greater innovation, improved safety measures and behavior, greater employee retention, improved efficiency, and greater alignment between employees’ behavior and organizational goals.

Performance Insight helps clients foster engagement among employees and realize the benefits of an engaged workforce by first conducting a comprehensive baseline assessment using our ENGAGEMENTinsight™ Survey. Our web-based survey taps several key dimensions important to assessing employee engagement: trust in and perceived credibility of senior leadership; effectiveness of company communications; perceptions of the organization’s culture and values; pride in the company and its products and services; belief in the company’s concern for employee wellbeing; the quality of relationship with one’s manager; job satisfaction; and levels of behavioral engagement. Respondents provide ratings of both the importance of and their level of satisfaction with each of these dimensions, which allows us to provide importance by satisfaction comparison matrices that provide insight into the areas that would generate the most impact if targeted for improvement. Respondents also provide specific recommendations for improving in each area. The combination of this qualitative and quantitative data helps us help our clients gain insight into and improve performance in critical areas of employee engagement.

The results from this assessment provide insight into the engagement areas and issues in need of improvement. We assess and provide insight into areas research has shown impact engagement – job design, person-job fit, shared values, alignment, trust, recognition and rewards, support and resources, communication/information flow, and change management – in order to make targeted recommendations for how to better engage the minds, hearts, and talents of your workforce.